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Making Money

Infusion will be offering various opportunities for "Making Money"

Opportunity 1

Currently Infusion Inc. is looking for dynamic medical personnel to open an education and training center in your county with the state of Florida.  Infusion Inc. is a licensed Continuing Education Provider and has several offices throughout south Florida.  We are looking for sites within the:

Daytona, Naples, Ft. Meyers, Vero Beach, Gainesville, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tallahassee.  If you are interested in a new profitable opportunity, please contact Mr. Moore at 954-943-0220.


Opportunity 2

Educations Sales Associates

Want to earn some really 

BIG Bucks?

Sell Continuing Education 

50% Profit

Contact Mr. Moore at 954-943-0220


Opportunity 3

Medical Health Coverage

Get $$ residuals every month ... Great PPO Plan

Unlimited Income possibilities

Contact Mr. Moore at 954-943-0220


Keep watching for further opportunities ...


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